Learning for your Littles!


Now that school is back in session and many kids are heading to the classroom for the day, you may be wondering “how do I keep my little ones at home entertained and learning as well?” We know that Play is one of the best ways that a child can learn, and in addition to that there are a few great programs you can take part in at home to encourage learning for your littles!


Preschool Pioneer

This is an online collection of high quality educational resources for youngsters 3-6 years old. Find preschool activities, videos, and event information at no cost to you.

UPSTART Preschool

UPSTART is an in-home, technology-delivered kindergarten readiness program that gives preschool-aged children individualized reading, math and science instruction with a focus on reading. This program is full of games, songs and lessons that children love.

Utah Kids Ready to Read

The program exists so all parents and caregivers have the resources to nurture their children’s early literacy skills. By talking, singing, reading, writing and playing, children can develop as independent, lifelong readers.

These are just a few programs you can use to encourage the development of your littles! Remember, the learning your kids do in their early years sets the foundation for their school years to come.

Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum

Did you know that Discovery Gateway offers early childhood classes every weekday in the curiosity shop? Every day of the week there are also fun and educational classes that range from literacy- and culturally-based activities, to science, to visual and performing arts. Discovery Gateway’s daily classes and weekly workshops are free with admission to the Museum, and every DG program is based on research, evaluation, and testing. See the program calendar here.

For even more resources and activities call Help Me Grow Utah @ 801-691-5322 or visit helpmegrowutah.org

Kali Iverson— Help Me Grow Utah Community Liaison

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