Playful Learning to Complement Classroom Learning

Enjoy programs that supplement your curriculum and help students develop creative thinking and problem-solving skills through a Discovery Gateway field trip, educational workshop, or our fifth-grade science outreach program, Reaction Time.

Our programs align with Utah State Core Curriculum in Art, Science, Social Studies and more, offering you the opportunity to choose topics that complement your classroom learning.

Field Trips
Discovery Gateway STEAM-Guided Field Trips encourage students to discover, explore, and create with interactive, hands-on exhibits. Led by a Museum Imagination Facilitator, our interactive components and imaginative exhibits will encourage students to explore in new ways.
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Discovery Workshops
When visiting Discovery Gateway on a Field Trip, participate in a Discovery Workshop. Our workshops offer hands-on activities that add to the field trip experience.
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Fifth-Grade Reaction Time Outreach Program
Let Discovery Gateway come to you. Your class will explore chemistry through innovative experiments and projects.
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